Clinical System Identification Symposium

About the Symposium October 22, 2021 at 9:15AM EST

Quadrus CEO, Nicolas Chbat, PhD is hosting an IEEE-EMBS sponsored Virtual Mini-Symposium on Clinical System Identification. This webinar will feature four talks from researchers in this field. The speakers, including Quadrus Research Engineer Siddharth Chamarthy, will highlight their research with focus on design, methodology, and/or implementation of estimating hard-to-measure variables or parameters in order to enhance clinical diagnosis or therapy. Read more and register here.

Quadrus Vision for Personalizing Medical Diagnosis and Therapy

Quadrus Founders Nicolas Chbat and Caitlyn Chiofolo believe that physiological models fine-tuned to the individual using these math and engineering methods can personalize and optimize clinical diagnosis and therapy delivery. Quadrus is working to improve respiratory care through estimation of lung health parameters and personalization of ventilation strategies. The IEEE-EMBS Clinical System ID Symposium is just one way to share these visions for the future of medicine with the scientific community. Please watch the symposium's promo video and listen to CEO Nick Chbat introduce some of the Quadrus vision for personalized medicine and the role of system identification.

IEEE-EMBS Virtual Mini-Symposium on Clinical System Identification Agenda and Speakers